InBody 120 Body Composition Analyzer

 InBody 120
Portable Healthcare Solution on the Go

The InBody120, simple and fast healthcare solution
Just enter your height and let the Inbody120 do the rest. In less than 20 seconds, you can see the key components of your body. Although it seems small and simple, classy and stable out figure can be provided with its own handgrip stand. To maximize mobility, use the carrying bag and the thermal printer as well.

Although both women may weigh the same, their body compositions are different; one has a higher muscle
mass and lower fat mass than the other.
InBody, the body composition analyzer can show you how you are built and help you select the best fitness
plans to fit your specific needs. InBody’s analysis displays a visual representation of your data and history
that is both easy to read and motivating to follow.

Your Healthcare Partner,
The InBody will help you plan an effective exercise program
. Body compositions such as muscle and fat mass are analyzed.
· Lean and fat mass of arms, trunk, and legs are provided separately.
· More than 40 parameters are provided on the single-paged
InBody Results Sheet.

Data Management Software for the Most Detailed
InBody Results
Wireless connection with the InBody120
Lookin’Body and the InBody120 can be easily
connected via Bluetooth. Access the user data and
remotely control the InBody120.
Strategic consultation
Provide detailed analysis with the InBody Results Sheet
and history graph of each outputs with Lookin’Body.
Motivating has never been this easy!

Please download brochure for more details: BIOSPACE_InBody120_FULL

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