Biospace Inbody BPBIO320 Blood Pressure Monitor

A new upload medical device for automatic digital blood pressure monitor with painless technolology of measurement for systolic, diastolic and pulse rate. Automatic sensing of arm sizes from child to adult.

Digital display and thermal print-out. Ideal for health screening, army, police, hospital and clinics.

Measuring blood pressure is one of the fundamental steps for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

BPBIO320 enables maintenance of health and liftstyle by allowing quick, easy and accurate blood pressure measurement.

BPBIO320 is user-friendly and has all necessary components. (Click to view)

* Automatic energy saving mode 2 minutes after the measurement is taken

* Leads accurate measurement accounting for body movement

* Enhanced comfort using the compressor belt

* 3 colour schemes

* Wide LED screen to easily read results

* 2-step security component for any emergency

* Printing and saving error codes for quick and complete customer service

* Body type analysis

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