InBody 270 Professional Body Composition Analyzer


The new InBody 270 is designed to be ergonomic with efficient workflow.

Health status cannot be much easier with the InBody 270, with indicators such as nutrition, obesity degree, segmental muscle and fat for extremities, visceral fat level, BMR and BMI, you can monitor your health any time and anywhere. Using the InBody 270 is as easy as a few simple steps. Just enter your height and the equipment will do the rest for you. In just about 20 – 30 secs, your results are ready to be printed.  Maximal portability can also be achieved by using the carrying bag and easy installation is also a given.

Health Indicator

BMI (Body Mass Index) has been recognized by medical professionals that it is not enough to evaluate health. With the new concept of FFMI (Fat Free Mass Index), it is considered as a new standard of health evaluation. Being used in the InBody 270, the accuracy of health evaluation has been brought a step higher.

BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is the measurement of energy expanded when one is at rest. It also relates to the amount of muscles in the body.

InBody 270, your healthcare partner.

Body composition analysis, balance evaluation between muscle and fat and many more will assist you in planning an efficient work out program.

-Body compositions such as muscles and fat masses are analysed

-Segmented analysis is done to get a clearer view of the muscle development for each limb and trunk as well.

-38 test parameter results within 30 seconds of measurement

-Includes obesity evaluation, waist-hip ratio and visceral fat level measurements which are important for healthy lifestyle monitoring.

-Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease can be assessed by using Smitech – InBody Health Risk Assessment score card

-InBody result sheets are also available for children where it is specially designed with growth graph included!

Smart usage, InBody 270 (click to view)

Bar code Reader – convenient as registration can be done quickly with just a scan

Wireless Connection with Lookin’Body120 – is a data management software run by wireless transmission

Detailed analysis that can be printed out with the InBody results sheet

Also, with the body’s composition history printed with each output through Lookin’Body, one can track their compositional change and motivation has never been this easy!


Dimensions: 356 (W) x 796(L) x 995(H): mm

14.0(W) x 31.3(L) x 39.2(H): inch

Equipment Weight: 14kg (30.9lbs)

Testing Weight Range: 10~250kg (22.0~551.2lbs)

Height Range: 95~220cm (3ft. 1.40in ~ 7ft. 2.61in)


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