InBody 770 Professional Body Composition Analyzer

InBody 770 

Latest Non-Invasive Technology for Health, Sports, Fitness and Wellness.

Measured by InBody Body Composition Analyzer within 60s to access health risk of Type 2 Diabetes & Heart Disease. Invented by Harvard Medical School Doctor who predicted Obesity is as bad as Smoking 2 decades ago. 

InBody 770 is the Gold Standard Body Composition Analyzer using BIA technology with a 98.4% accuracy as validated by DEXA, the Gold Standard for X-ray measurement method.

Skeletal Muscle Mass, Percent Body Fat, Visceral Fat, Phase Angle (Immunity Index) and Extracellular Water Ratio are just a few measurements that can accurately determine the body’s composition and this analyser can do just so! Measurements like weight and BMI no longer accurately reflect one’s nutritional status.

The Techonology

The SMF-BIA (Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) implemented in this equipment ensures high measurement accuracy as compared to older technologies where just a small change in body composition and water distribution in the body can lead to inaccurate measurements.

DSM-BIA (Direct Segmental Measurement Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) is a patented technology used to measure the body precisely as 5 separate cylinders: 4 limbs and a trunk

Individuals with imbalanced body water can benefit from this as their body water can be accurately measured. Multi-frequencies are used to analyse the intracellular and extracellular water, this is possible as the frequencies penetrates cell membrane.

8-point tactile electrodes allows repeated measurements to begin at a fixed point regardless of where the electrodes are placed. This increases the accuracy and reproducibility of the measurement.


Monitoring your body composition is essential in keeping your body in tip-top shape. Keeping your body in shape and scheduling a workout plan has never been much easier!

– User friendly with voice guidance

-Body composition is recorded with each input

-Customizable with your preferred parameters

-Includes obesity evaluation, waist-hip ratio and visceral fat level measurements which are important for healthy lifestyle monitoring

-Whole Body Phase Angle to indicate the individual’ s immunity index. (An angle above 4 is healthy)

-78 test parameters within a minute of measurement

-Analysis of an individual’ s 4 limbs and trunk provides a higher form of accuracy and reproducibility.

-InBody result sheets are also available for children where it is specially designed with growth graph included!

InBody 770, Smart Applications (click to view)

Control your InBody device remotely by using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

With the email service integrated, you get to save your personal information through the service

Additional features like Barcode Scanner, Automated height meter and Blood Pressure Monitor can also be linked to make registration and health evaluation a whole lot easier.



Dimensions: 526 (W) x 854(L) x 1175(H): mm

20.7(W) x 33.6(L) x 46.3(H): inch

Equipment Weight: 38kg (83.8lbs)

Testing Weight Range: 10~270kg (22.0~595lbs)

Height Range: 95~220cm (3ft. 1.40in ~ 7ft. 2.61in)



Fig 1. Result sheet for Adults


Fig 2. Result sheet for Children

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