Portable H2WATER

Now, you can enjoy the benefits of Hydrogen Water by your side anytime and anywhere!

Introducing Portable H2WATER  (Made in Japan) , a hydrogen water generating bottle in a range of colours to suit your style and preference

Just fill the water with clean water and press the button.

See the tiny bubbles of H2 (Hydrogen) being generated which will enrich the water in just 3 minutes (or 6 minutes)

Drink the enriched H2WATER and enjoy its benefits like improved energy, improved sleep quality, improved mental focus and improved weight loss


The anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation, anti-ageing and anti-fatigue properties of H2WATER make it a great drink at any time , since it improves energy, sleep quality, mental focus and also helps to improve weight loss. Thus it is ideal for all sportspersons and active people

H2WATER uses the latest technology from JAPAN and enriches the water with Hydrogen molecules which are easily absorbed by the body to give quick release of energy to fight against fatigue and stress.

Charging your H2WATER bottle is easy – just use a USB port or AC Adaptor. Each charge can last for up to 14 times (3 min mode)

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