Newmed Model Energy 18-23 Autoclave

Professional sterilization systems

Newmed was created to satisfy the needs of customers who demand safety, reliability and simplicity all in one sterilization instrument. Thanks to experience, technology and research, we have been able to achieve this objective.


  • Closure system   Easy and practical
  • Stainless steel chamber   Single piece moulded steel
  • LCD display with continuous temperature and pressure display
  • Double sensor
  • Double control   of sterilization process
  • Electronic Transducer   Allowing a precise check of pressure
  •  Two electronic temperature probes   for measuring the temperature inside and  outside the sterilization chamber
  •  Internal tank with probe   which shows the minimum and maximum level on the display
  • Loading of water through a self-priming pump
  • Sterilization cycles
    Completely automatic:
    2 sterilization cycles at 121˚
    2 sterilization cycles at 134˚

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NEWMED CATALOGUE for Energy 18-23 and Kronos 18-23 Autoclaves low res

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